Thangjing rice is one among the highly consumed indigenous rice varieties in Manipur owing to its unique taste. Its demand is evidently increasing and is found abundantly. The size of the grain is narrow and long. Glutinous in nature when cooked.


Akoimart was established in 2020 with an aim to enable North-easterners to shop and live easily. Through our website & app "Akoimart", we will be promoting indigenous products, available in our remote areas, to the open market of Northeast state capitals and gradually to other parts of India. This will help raise the economic level in our region. We also invite farmers, authors, publishers, manufacturers and service providers to join us at any level and leverage their efforts and expertise.

For books, Akoimart is supported by Global Agency, Brightway Agency & Career Books Points etc. in Imphal, whereas in Guwahati it is supported by DBS Books Stores, Kalapahar, P.O Binovanagar, Guwahati-18. When it comes to rice sales and promotion works, it is carried out by Akoimart.

As a newly launched e-commerce platform in Imphal and Guwahati, our products include books from primary level to higher education, including professional courses, general courses and examination guides. Most of the general public is facing problems with the unavailability of books, wasting time and effort in finding their desired books in the market. To minimize and avoid all these inconveniences, Akoimart has incorporated books in our web application to help the students, professionals, academicians, writers and aspirants of any exam to get easy access to their required books with a single click.

Furthermore, we have also included food items like rice of all varieties, grown in Manipur and other parts of the Northeast. Manipuri rice is a product of M/s. Akoi Agro Milling Associates (Akoi Rice Mill), Imphal, where multiple varieties with different names are available. It is also known as "Sticky Rice" and is abundantly available. Apart from the availability of these varieties, "Aromatic Black Rice" known to the locals as "Chak - hao" is one of the most famous rice products available.

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