Thangjing rice is one among the highly consumed indigenous rice varieties in Manipur owing to its unique taste. Its demand is evidently increasing and is found abundantly. The size of the grain is narrow and long. Glutinous in nature when cooked.

FAQ'S (Frequently Ask Question's)

Can we escape from Account opening to shop on Akoimart ?

No, account opening is compulsory to shop on Akoimart for your convenience and hassle free personalised shopping experience that includes many attractive features in coming futures. It's really fast and secured.

Does Akoimart accept 'Preorder' ?

As Akoimart is maintaining Costumer's Service and on call sales from 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM, pre-order concept is adopted, an individual can place their valuable orders by phone for any date. 

Can I place order for a person who does not registered with Akoimart ?

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If a product is out of stock or not available now, Can I order the product ?

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