Thangjing rice is one among the highly consumed indigenous rice varieties in Manipur owing to its unique taste. Its demand is evidently increasing and is found abundantly. The size of the grain is narrow and long. Glutinous in nature when cooked.

Akoi Rice : Chakhao 1 Kg. (Manipuri Indigenous Rice) || PP Bag Packing.

Brand : Akoi Rice - Chakhao || Pure Manipuri Rice (Tender & sticky rice)

Feature : Ready To Cook || Akoi Rice | The Genuine

Manufactured By  :   Akoi Agro Milling Associates (Akoi Rice Mill)
HSN  :   1009
Rs. 120
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Black Aromatic Rice (Chakhao)

Black rice, an indigenous and organic rice variety known to the local people as 'Chakhao Poreiton' is synonymous with 'Delicious Black Rice'. This variety found in Manipur has a distinctive taste in comparison with the ones available in other regions of the country. It has multiple health benefits, anticarcinogenic properties and is genuinely a healthy dietary choice.